If to the sense of the word Gastronomy, understood as the art of eating well and with satisfaction, we add the meaning of the ability of preparing a good meal, then we find that gastronomy additionally becomes a conveyer of culture and tradition, which makes it one of the most "pleasurable" ways of making known and strengthening not only the cuisine and autochthonous products of an area, country etc., but also the culture and activity of the place.

This is just what is achieved at the Mediterranean Gastronomy Presentations. The restaurants and hotels that have contracted them, have been able to give their clients the opportunity to try the most typical Mediterranean dishes made with autochthonous products, and with their denomination of origin.

The menus that have been developed are based on the products and dishes of typical Mediterranean cuisine. They combine tradition with the culinary modernity of the Chef in the best possible way, always with top-quality and perfectly cooked products.

These presentations that we propose, aim to introduce a cuisine of great traditional value combined with top-quality products, to enjoy the pleasure of tasting its finest dishes. They are an excellent advertisement both for Mediterranean gastronomy and for attracting visitors, who will discover the richness of a well-finished and elaborated preparation.

Mediterranean cuisine is traditional and of fine quality, typical of an area where sea meets mountain, which brings a wide variety of first class products to its gastronomy.

The Valencian paella, Rabbit with Sanfaina (fried vegetable hash), Potato Omelette, Bread with Tomato, and the variety of salads are some good examples. Let's not forget that we go out to eat Chinese, Italian or Japanese food etc., and here we have the opportunity to enjoy Spanish cuisine as we do with other cultures.

Outstanding desserts include Catalan Cream, Wine Marinated Pears, Orange Caramel Cream, and a long etcetera.

In order to contract Gastronomy Presentations, simply contact the Chef in charge, Antonio Roig, by filling in the enclosed questionnaire, and wish your customers "bon appétit"…