The main objective of the Mediterranean Gastronomy Presentations is to introduce the concept of Spanish cuisine, and in this case the extensive Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

The establishment organising the event will achieve celebrity and prestige by making known the culinary culture of other countries. You will gain an advantage in relation to your competitors by taking the first step. We all go to Chinese, Japanese, Italian restaurants etc., and here is the opportunity to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, which is amongst the richest and healthiest in the world, as those who know it will testify.

This web page is addressed to Restaurants and Hotels from all over the world, which will be able to profit from the professional experience of a Spanish chef. Dishes will be adapted according to the host country, and it will be possible to enjoy our gastronomy in situ without the need to travel, giving your guests a varied cuisine that is unique throughout the world. The Mediterranean cuisine encompasses a wide variety of dishes, and its benefit for our health and richness of flavours are widely recognised.

Based on experience, the gastronomy presentations are recommended to take place over a minimum of fifteen days and a maximum of thirty days, although we can adapt to your needs.

The format of the gastronomy presentations is conditioned by the questionnaire that is filled out by the client, which will guide us in our work. This will later become an offer, which, if accepted, will result in your being sent a list of the possible dishes. The customer has the final word on what he/she wants to serve in his/her restaurant. Once accepted, a shopping list of ingredients required for the first week will be sent by fax.

Based on my own experience, I would advise a media advertising campaign two or three weeks before our arrival in order to assure success. For the presentation organiser, the event is more profitable if more people come along. We even work in the kitchen, with imagination and creativity, giving the host chefs the opportunity to add the newly learned dishes to the menu.

· One of the objectives of this event in the restaurants where I have had the pleasure of working, is the annual repetition of the presentations due to their great success. The customers are the first to ask for a repetition of the promotions that they so enjoyed. Repeating the event is more than likely owing to its great success and acceptation, as is already happening in some restaurants.