Below are listed the most significant dishes which the restaurant may choose. It would be impossible to list all the dishes of the Mediterranean, owing to the huge variety.

Many of these dishes are taken from the menus of restaurants and hotels where gastronomy presentations have already taken place.

You are free to choose from amongst the dishes the options that most interest you, and those that your guests will most relish.

The influence of Sea and Mountain in our gastronomy allows us to play around with the ingredients, giving the guest an unequalled combination of flavours.

Distinguished clients, it is my aim to use this space on the page to cover all the dishes listed with significant photographs. Even more photographs and dishes may be incorporated.

From experience we know that some restaurants do side plates, therefore if the restaurant should so require we can prepare separate small portions of garnish, such as potatoes poached in rosemary, sanfaina (fried vegetable hash), salads, rice with saffron etc.