The main advantages offered to the restaurant or hotel are:

1. The chefs learn new dishes that can remain on your menu. Alternatively, written copies of the most popular recipes can be provided at the end of the presentation.

2. While our Chef is in the restaurant during the period of the presentation, the head chef of the hotel or restaurant can take leave, providing that he is covered by the remaining chefs, who will prepare the regular meals of the establishment that cannot be substituted.

3. Recognition by various hotels and restaurants that you are putting on Mediterranean Gastronomy Presentations, as well as offering your customers an unequalled gastronomic variety, with foodstuffs that are always fresh from the market, which characterises Mediterranean cuisine. You will be the pioneers.
"Tell me how you eat and I will tell you how you feel".

4. The economic benefit derived from putting on culinary presentations of great success. This is achieved having a Spanish Chef, providing Mediterranean cooking and even haute cuisine in which the chef Antonio Roig has been influenced by the new vanguard cuisine.

5. If a product that is to be prepared is not available in the host country where the presentation is to take place, it is possible to send the products required from Spain, so that the Gastronomy Presentation is a success. The restaurant will be able to offer a unique autochthonous product from the country of origin, in addition to being a pioneer in this kind of culinary event. Offering a different kind of cuisine in your restaurant will bring you prestige and, above all, exclusiveness thanks to making something new; a cuisine without rival, the "Mediterranean".

6. Should the restaurant so require, the menu can be personalised according to the type of cuisine, and the dishes can be matched to the wines. We take pains to design the menus with the right kind of wine. If it is not possible to obtain our fabulous and internationally recognised wines, we shall make sure that the bottles required by the restaurant are sent, always in the interest of successful presentations and a good fare.

7. I have come across some cases in which the client has asked me for all kinds of decorations for his restaurant with a Spanish theme, such as posters, flags, streamers etc. If the restaurant so wishes, we could send these items in advance, or we will bring them with us.

8. We offer the possibility of working with autochthonous products with the same denomination of origin as the dishes to be prepared. If the client so wishes, Jabugo hams with their denomination of origin, Majorcan sausage, salami and sausage products, Manchego, Asturian or Catalan cheeses and a long etcetera, may be sent as an addition to the service; either for the dishes or to prepare buffets. Everything with its denomination of origin.