Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to thank you for the interest shown. Below is the page with the contract and its clauses.

Once we have received the questionnaire page I will pass the proposal on to you. It must be returned to me, signed, at the address on the attached curriculum.

Should the restaurant or hotel require autochthonous foodstuffs from the regions of Spain, there will be an extra charge that will include expenses such as transportation. Don't forget to specify. I am proud to be able to inform my possible clients that I have "sponsors", who will be able to provide prime materials in the host country requesting the presentations, so that the customers will feel as if they are in Spain with autochthonous products from each region of Spain with denomination of origin. This objective benefits the "Sponsor", who has international presence whilst the customer has the best of Spain in his/her country. I always work with the best products, for example, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaén (Alcaláoliva, S.A).